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Your Smart meter questions, answered

Millions of people across the UK now have a Smart meter in their homes. But many more still have questions. Are they dangerous? Is my data secure? Will it interfere with my Wifi? Read on for the truth about Smart meters.

If I get a Smart meter, can I still switch supplier? 

Yes. Even if you change supplier, our Smart meters will still work. In the past, this wasn’t always the case. But the latest Smart meters (known as SMETS2) won’t be affected if you switch to a new energy supplier.

It’s rare that we’d be unable to fit a SMETS2 meter, but if this does happen we’ll discuss your options with you.

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Are Smart meters safe? 

The Smart meters we install go through some of the most rigorous safety tests in the world, and are covered by the UK and EU product safety legislation.

If you’re worried about owning a device that sends data via radio waves, rest assured that exposure to radio waves from a Smart meter is much lower than other everyday devices like mobile phones, TVs and microwaves.

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Do Smart meters keep my data safe? 

The information your Smart meter captures is strongly protected by data protection laws.

Your Smart meter records and securely stores the amount of energy you use. We then request your meter reading data from a central place known as the Smart DCC. This was set up by the Government and all Smart meters, regardless of which energy provider you use, send information securely via the DCC.

How we protect your Smart data

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Will a Smart meter affect my WiFi connection? 

Smart meters send their information using a separate, secure network - not through your internet. So it won’t have any effect on your Wifi speed.
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Will a Smart meter installation cause damage to my property? 

Sometimes we might need to make some small adjustments to install the Smart meter in your home, but we will always discuss this with you before starting any work.

About your Smart meter installation

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Are Smart meters compulsory in the UK? 

It’s not compulsory to have a Smart meter yet, but millions of households in the UK have already had one installed because of all the potential benefits of getting a Smart meter.

Smart meters have already been rolled out in countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and The Netherlands. The UK government expect all energy companies to have completed their Smart meter ‘rollout’ within the next few years.

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Will I have to start paying by Direct Debit if I get a Smart meter? 

No. With a Smart meter you can continue to pay for your energy usage with your current payment method.
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