Financial help

We have a specialist team who can tailor a financial solution for you or provide advice to help you get back on track with your energy payments.

We’re here to help. And we really mean that. If you’re worried about paying your bills or have a debt, you need to tell us. With your help, we can find a way for you to manage both your existing debt and prevent building a debt up again. We'll also try to find ways we can help reduce your energy costs and look for best tariffs.

We have specialist teams dedicated to ensure you are given payment options you can afford and can manage. Our teams are fully trained in collecting all the information they need to be able to help you as much as possible. They may talk you through your income and expenditure, giving you a total figure of any money left over each month. This is most useful to a lot of people who just might not realise where money goes.

This will help us to understand what you can afford to pay. Then we can tailor solutions for you and offer the best advice we can, often offering additional help from other organisations such as Money Advice Trust.

Some examples of our payment methods

Part payment toward an outstanding balance and re-payment plan for the remaining balance. This payment method allows you to make a contribution to the outstanding balance but means that you don't have to pay a lump sum all in one go and then continue to pay the rest of the balance over a number of months

A payment plan covering the full outstanding balance
This payment method allows you to spread the payments out over a number of months, so you don’t need to pay a lump sum towards the outstanding balance it will be paid in monthly installments

Prepayment meter
This type of meter allows you to pay for your Gas and Electric as you go, working off any debt at the same time.

Fuel Direct Payments through the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) This payment method allows you to pay for your Gas and Electric directly from your benefits.

npower Energy Fund
This is a scheme that helps customers to pay an outstanding balance if the customer adheres to the terms and condition of the scheme.

Macmillan Fuel Management Programme
For customers who are affected by cancer, we can set low affordable monthly payments, and remove the worries of debt.

Warm Home Discount 
The Warm Home Discount offers eligible npower customers an annual benefit of £140 (Inclusive of VAT) on their electricity bill.

Once an option is agreed

Once our team have discussed and agreed an option with you, they will provide ongoing support, monitoring payments and offering further help where it is needed