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We want to understand if you need any support, so please tell us if:

  • Your circumstances have changed
  • You need more time to pay
  • You or someone living with you is elderly, has a disability, has young children, or a long-term illness (including relying on an electricity supply for medicine or equipment).

We can help you find the right support or organisations who can help your situation. Read on to find out what’s available.


We know that some people find websites harder to use than others and we want to make sure that everyone who visits our website can access the information they need in a way that meets their needs.

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Help with your water bills

If you require additional help from us, you may also want to register for help with your other utilities.

Water companies offer additional support services similar to ours. You can find out more by contacting your water company directly. Ofwat, the water companies regulator, also provides information on the types of customer assistance available.

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