Raising awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning

How do you raise awareness of something that you can’t see, smell or taste?

For Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week we conducted a piece of research to see how much the UK knows about CO poisoning.

We were shocked to discover that only 6% of the UK can identify the most common symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. So we made it our mission during Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week in November 2016 to try and change this statistic.

We enlisted the help of six imaginative children from Brighton to bring the risks to life by drawing what they think the deadly gas would look like if it wasn’t invisible. We filmed them drawing their monsters and created a short video to try and increase awareness. As of December 2016, this video has been viewed over 400,000 times on YouTube and Facebook!

A group of talented designers then interpreted the children’s drawings to create a series of professionally illustrated characters to really bring the monsters to life and to give the invisible gas an identifiable persona.

Carbon Monoxide Monster drawn by Alik Green and Reece Wykes
Carbon Monoxide Monster drawn by Freddy James and Giuseppe Di Lernia
Carbon Monoxide Monster drawn by Jayden Christie and Graham Howells
Carbon Monoxide Monster drawn by Lara Green and Marieke Nelissen
Carbon Monoxide Monster drawn by Mackenzie Ford and Kirbi Fagan
Carbon Monoxide Monster drawn by Theo Sagoe and John O'Leary

We also published the results of our research. Take a look at some of the other findings in our awareness infographic below:

CO awarance 2016