Can I get a refund if my Direct Debit account is in credit?

We'll let you know if we think you're paying too much, based on your meter readings and current balance. You can request any credit to be refunded, but before you do it's important you understand it could make your future payments go up.

Your Direct Debit payment reviews

We review your account after six months, and then again at 12 months for your annual review. If you're on a fixed tariff we'll also review your Direct Debit when your tariff ends, as your prices are likely to change. If you haven't changed tariffs before then we'll automatically move you onto our cheapest Standard variable tariff applicable to you, or another applicable tariff - so your monthly payment may change.

To set your monthly payment amount we estimate how much energy you'll use over the course of a year and spread it evenly. For example, if you use £1,200 a year we'll set it to 12 monthly payments of £100 - even though you may use most of that during the winter. So you'll most likely be in credit at some point during the year, but if you request and receive a refund before your annual review, your later payments would need to go up to make sure you're paying the right amount for the energy you use. This is to make sure you don't owe anything when it comes to your annual review.

Check your Direct Debit online

You can also check your payments are covering your costs whenever you send a meter reading in your online account. So if you're paying more than you need to, we may recommend you reduce your Direct Debit to get you back on track before it gets to the point where you need to get a refund.

At your annual review

  • If you've built up a credit of £25 or more on either your gas or electricity, we'll refund it automatically - as long as the statement was based on an actual meter reading. It takes about 10 working days, but we'll try and do it faster if we can.
  • If you get both fuels from us and there's a debt on one but credit on the other, we'll use the credit to reduce the debt on the other account
  • If there's less than £25 credit on either your electricity or gas, we'll keep it on your account and put it towards your future payments, unless you request it to be refunded. We'll also keep any credit based on estimated readings on your account to go towards future payments.

If you'd like to talk to someone about a credit refund, please call us with a meter reading. We'll take a look at your account balance and review your monthly payment amount.


Get meter read reminders to help make sure you send us regular readings - it'll help us make your monthly payment as accurate as possible.

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