Can I exchange my prepayment meter for a credit meter?

Changing your meter

For some of our customers, a prepayment meter is a great way to stay on top of energy costs - it makes it easier to budget for gas and electricity, paying as you go.

If it isn't safe and reasonably practicable for you to have a prepayment meter, we'll talk about this with you. If it's possible, we'll arrange a free of charge meter exchange for you.

For other customers, as of 11th April 2016 our policy is changing and if you'd like to move from a prepayment meter over to a credit meter, exchanges will usually be free of charge and typically take up to ten days.

There are a few conditions that will apply:

  • You'll need to be the bill payer and if you’re a tenant you’ll need to confirm you’ve checked your tenancy agreement and where required have obtained the consent of your landlord to make the switch.
  • You should have no debt on your account and 6-9 months' good payment history depending on your circumstances (includes any existing history you've already built-up with us).
  • For new customers joining npower:
    • Where we can credit check and you have a good credit history, an exchange can be booked straightaway.
    • If adverse payment/credit history is found, you can choose to pay a security deposit (up to £250 per fuel) or you can wait and demonstrate 12 months good payment history.
  • To demonstrate good payment history you just need to pay us in full and on time, without missing payments, for the required period.
  • If you request more than two single or two dual fuel meter exchanges within 12 months, we do reserve the right to levy a £60 meter exchange fee (per meter).

For more information please contact us.

Our terms for Security Deposits can also be found here (PDF).