What is the Direct Debit tracker?

The Direct Debit tracker shows your payment status based on your latest meter reading and tells you whether your monthly Direct Debit payment amount is right for your usage and costs.

It will show whether you're paying too much, too little, or if you're on track.

You can find it in your online account.

What are my options?

If we think you're paying too much we'll tell you how much it looks like you're over-paying each month - so you can change your payment amount, and also request a refund for what you've overpaid. Or you can keep it the same and get a refund at your next scheduled Direct Debit review.

If we think you're paying too little we'll tell you how much more we think you need to pay each month to get back on track, and you can make a one-off payment to catch up with what you've underpaid. Or you can keep it the same and pay the difference at your next scheduled Direct Debit review.

And if you're on track, you won't have to do anything.

How is it calculated?

We use your past usage to estimate how much energy you'll use from your last statement until your next annual review - we'll take into account the time of year to make sure we're forecasting as accurately as we can. We'll also take into account any credit or debit you may already have on your account.

This'll tell us how much you need to pay each month to cover the overall amount by your next review. Our aim is to get your balance to £0 by your next annual review. This means you may be in credit during the summer months, but we'll put it towards your statements when you use more energy in the winter.

If you're using a lot more or less energy than we expected, that's when we'll make recommendations about changing your Direct Debit amount. Find out more about your balance.

How is it updated?

Your status will update after you send a meter reading, or following a mid-term or annual bill review. It's shown for 32 days after a reading - after that you'll need to send a new one.

Why can't I see my status?

At certain times of the year (like when we're calculating your reassessment) you won't be able to see your status for a short time. You also need to have been with us for more than 3 months before you can see it - it's so we can understand your energy usage patterns first.

Smart meters

If you're not yet a Smart customer, join millions of other households with a Smart meter and make it easier to see where you could save money. With a Smart meter, you'll know what you’re spending on energy each day in pounds and pence. Find out more about Smart meters.