How do I get a refund if I've left npower?

When there's a credit on your final bill, we’ll aim to refund the balance within 10 working days, either to your bank account or by cheque, depending on how you usually pay your bills. Please make sure you’ve told us about any changes to your bank account details and given us your forwarding address (if applicable) in case we need to send you a cheque.

We may not always be able to refund within 10 working days and you'll need to contact us if:

  • Your final bill is estimated, and we don’t have any actual readings in the last 6 months, we won’t be able to refund the credit shown until you provide your final readings so we can validate your final balance.
  • Your final bill is in the name of the occupier, please call us to provide your details and we can talk to you about arranging a refund – make sure you have to hand any meter readings taken when your account was closed.

If you have another live account with us, or are waiting for a final bill on another fuel, we may transfer some of your credit to that account. This may impact the refund value you receive.

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