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Why npower for business? 

Choose npower energy to benefit from:

  • Fixed-term contracts
  • UK-based call centres
  • Dedicated business switching consultants
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Lower your electricity bill by using less

The best way to save on electricity and other energy costs is by cutting back on consumption. Whatever business you’re in, there could be plenty of opportunities to make savings by reducing energy costs - most businesses can lower their bills by around 10% with a little know-how. And if you're willing to invest a bit more time and capital, up to 20% is achievable, with any money invested recouped against savings*.

npower can help you get started with energy efficiency measures that may help reduce your bills. Choose Energy Saving Know:How for your small to medium-sized business, or learn more about managing energy for larger organisations.

*According to The Carbon Trust, most organisations can save up to 20% on their fuel bills simply by better managing their energy use and investing in cost-effective measures. A 20% cut in energy costs represents the same bottom line benefit as a 5% increase in sales in many businesses. (Source: – March 2012).

Business electricity prices and rates 

Find electricity prices and contract lengths to suit your operation with npower.

At npower, we offer several tariffs featuring prices designed to make your choice for business energy easy. We have specific offerings for small to medium sized businesses as well, allowing enterprises to ensure they’re maximising their energy savings.

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npower: a great choice for electricity tariffs

High market prices for electricity need not keep new businesses or those switching suppliers from being profitable, as they can secure fixed-term contracts to keep spending lower. Location can also affect prices of electricity and gas due to delivery requirements, so it's good for businesses to ensure they have the best electricity deals in their area.

Compare business electricity prices 

Your business electricity prices depend on a number of factors, including region and delivery method, as well as contract. Ensure your business has the best deal on electricity for your area by comparing energy prices online.
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