Renewable Energy for Business

Independently-verified renewable power that’s also fully-compliant for zero-carbon reporting.


Match the power you consume with the equivalent volume of renewable power

Many businesses are keen to demonstrate sustainable credentials by purchasing renewable energy. Others need to prove renewable status as part of their supply chain requirements. But if you don’t generate on site or have a direct contract for your supply with a renewable generator, a simpler way is to match the power you consume with the equivalent volume of renewable power supplied to the grid.

We can arrange this on your behalf by securing Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) certificates for the equivalent electricity volume you consume. These certificates are issued for every megawatt-hour of renewable generation fed into the grid. We will match an equivalent number of REGO certificates that are valid within a Fuel Mix Disclosure (FMD) period (which runs April-March) to your consumption that also falls within that same period.

Carbon reporting requirements

Our REGO-backed Business Energy product meets stringent carbon reporting requirements – as set by the World Resource Institute (WRI) in their Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 2 Guidance 2015. In addition, it has been independently verified by sustainability experts, EcoAct, to assure that our processes comply with the WRI requirements.

The EcoAct assurance stamp gives you the confidence that your supply is robustly backed by a sufficient amount of REGOs (from UK generation only) and as such is reportable as zero-carbon emissions (subject to terms and conditions) You can report zero-carbon emissions with our product without having to provide any additional evidence.


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  • Your power supply is matched with the equivalent number of REGO certificates (as a result of renewable energy supplied to the grid) during a specified period (an FMD period)
  • Only UK generation is matched
  • Each megawatt-hour is evidenced by a REGO certificate that will only be assigned to you and nobody else
  • Available for both fixed or flexible supply contracts
EcoAct Assured


  • An easy way to benefit from renewable generation
  • This product enable you to clearly demonstrate renewable credentials
  • A simple and straight-forward way to report zero-carbon emissions from your power supply, that is fully compliant with WRI GHG Protocol Scope 2 Guidance 2015
  • This product is audited by EcoAct, an independent third party, and holds the EcoAct assurance stamp
  • The EcoAct assurance stamp is underpinned by a recurring annual audit of our product, giving you ongoing peace of mind and confidence in the claims you can make.

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