Understand your energy consumption patterns for specified activities or equipment through sub-metering


The key to unlocking energy-saving potential

Having an in-depth understanding of how your business consumes energy is essential to managing use effectively and identifying areas where you can make savings.

Sub-metering facilitates this greater understanding of individual processes or locations.

A well designed sub-metering infrastructure will consider a range of factors including which processes are best suited to individual meters, the type of information needed for effective analysis and the optimal level of coverage to meet your requirements.

We visit premises to conduct a detailed site survey and review energy-consuming processes and patterns (usually facilitated by an Energy Management Services Site Audit). We’ll then design a sub-metering proposal to support you in achieving maximum energy savings, or focus on a particular location or process if you want to conduct a trial in a smaller area before committing to a whole site. – we can work around your requirements. Once agreed, we can also install and maintain the metering infrastructure that works best for you.

Metering the full range of utilities

We can provide sub-metering for:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Effluent
  • Compressed air

Other parameters such as flows, temperatures and production metrics can also be incorporated into sub-metering infrastructure, and we can advise which would be of most benefit and why.

Ensuring accuracy and reliability

While some metering suppliers do not verify all data from sub-meters – meaning that metering can be installed incorrectly or provide erroneous information – we guarantee that our sub-metering is installed to a high standard, with all data fully verified to ensure you receive accurate information.

We offer a one-year warranty on all the meters we install, in addition to any manufacturer warranties, and can provide an ongoing meter maintenance and repair service.


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