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A new peer-to-peer platform to access the best energy solutions

David Reed

David Reed is Head of npower Business Solutions, overseeing the relationship with customers and energy consultants and helping to build closer partnerships that deliver the best energy management solutions for UK businesses

The pressure for businesses to cut costs, reduce risk and minimise environmental impact has never been greater.

But finding the right approach to deliver more efficient, sustainable and cost-effective working practices can be challenging – especially if, like many Energy Managers, you work alone.

For many years, we’ve been sharing best practice and developing innovative energy solutions for our customers. But we’ve also observed a real appetite among many to tap into a wider community of energy professionals, to share and debate the most effective approaches to energy management.

So for the past 24 months, we’ve been working with 2degrees – the world’s leading digital collaboration platform provider for sustainable business – to develop a virtual solution for peer-to-peer networking. Last week, we were delighted to unveil the result – the Energy Hub.

Facilitating cross-industry collaboration
The Energy Hub is a private online community for end-user businesses, hosted within the wider 2degrees Manufacture 2030 platform.

Focusing specifically on energy management issues, it provides access to best practice toolkits, a range of expert resources, the latest insight from other sectors and real case studies.

Its key aims are to:
• Encourage peer-to-peer collaboration between businesses and industry experts.
• Provide a repository of valuable and trustworthy information on a wide range of topics for businesses to use.
• Allow members to crowd-source solutions.

The Energy Hub is open to all large business consumers - not just our customers - you can sign up here to find out more (with no obligation.

Tapping into a $12-trillion opportunity
The Energy Hub is likely to be of particular interest to manufacturers and retailers. While many are already embracing best practice within their own operations, it’s estimated around 80% or more of their cost and risk sits in their supply chains.

According to the Business and Sustainable Development Commission, developing greater sustainability in the supply chain presents a global $12-trillion opportunity by 2030, potentially creating 380 million jobs.

However, finding a cost-effective way to achieve these savings in what are often large and sprawling supply networks is extremely challenging.

So with help from 2degrees and a number of other partners – the Carbon Trust, University of Cambridge, WRAP and companies such as the Co-Op and Mars, to name a few – the Energy Hub has become part of a wider initiative to meet a broader sustainability requirement in the market.

Targeting the wider supply chain
Manufacture 2030 is designed to bring retailers, brands and manufacturers together with their suppliers to reduce costs, risk and environmental impact through cross-industry collaboration.

The platform’s name reflects the UN Sustainable Development Goals many manufacturers are working towards by 2030.

Alongside accelerating progress towards these sustainable goals, Manufacturing 2030 aims to:
• Achieve manufacturing excellence through improved resource efficiency.
• Drive performance improvement (site-by-site) to cut costs and risks.
• Improve trust, understanding and alignment along the value chain.
• Collaborate to source and adopt breakthrough innovations.

You can find out more about Manufacture 2030 here.

You don’t need to sign up to Manufacture 2030 to be part of the Energy Hub. But clearly, if you want to engage your wider supply chain in working towards greater resource efficiency, it provides many useful tools to support this process.

I hope you find these new initiatives useful to your business. I’d be interested to hear what you think of both the Energy Hub and Manufacture 2030. So do please drop me an email.










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