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Triad management: what you need to know to save your business £££££s

David Reed

David Reed is Head of npower Business Solutions, overseeing the relationship with customers and energy consultants and helping to build closer partnerships that deliver the best energy management solutions for UK businesses

Every winter, savvy businesses aim to reduce consumption during the three periods of peak demand – or Triads – in a bid to save as much as £54,969 per megawatt in Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) charges.*

But Triad management is a complex business. Not only does it rely on having access to accurate forecasts (as Triad periods are not confirmed until after the season ends) – but also on having an effective strategy to either reduce consumption or switch to on-site generation or storage.

Catch up with the latest developments
To bring you up to date with best practice and all the latest developments, we’ve produced a comprehensive report: Managing Triads – what you need to know to avoid winter peaks and save your business thousands.

This report is free to download from our new Energy Know-How portal and covers:
• What exactly Triads are and how they are calculated
• Historical performance
• The growing challenges of successfully forecasting Triads
• How you can receive advance warning
• Why an appropriate demand-side response (DSR) strategy is key to reducing costs
• Important changes to come

Sign up for Triad Warnings
As Triad season officially begins on 1 November, you may also want to find out more about our Triad Warning Service, which provides advance notification of possible Triads.

To see how much your business could potentially save from Triad avoidance, check out our free Triad Savings Calculator.

We also offer an Automated Triad Service via Energy HQ. Using our Smart Controller, we can automate the delivery of Triad management in your business, as well as seeking to optimise the response you can provide to increase Triad savings year on year.

Time to optimise your Triad strategy
So if you’ve not yet optimised your Triad management strategy to save your business money – or you feel it could do with a refresh – download our free report today. [insert link] Then get in touch via nBS@npower.com to find out how we can support you in potentially savings six figures each year.

* National Grid Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) Tariff for Half-Hourly demand in the London region for 2017/18


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