Why is the UK installing Smart meters?

The Smart meter roll out is one of the biggest national upgrades ever undertaken in the UK.

A government initiative, Smart meter installation is the first step in replacing the UK’s aging energy system with a new Smart energy infrastructure, helping us reduce carbon emissions.

What is a Smart meter?

Heading towards a Smarter future

Many of us have already got smartphones and smart TVs. In the future, more of our everyday appliances will use smart technology.  Smart meters pave the way for smarter, more energy efficient homes right across the UK.

Smart meter console with information explaining about working towards 5,000,000 smart meters installed nationwide
Smart meter rollout map throughout the UK

Upgrading our energy system

The Smart meter roll out will help Britain be more energy efficient, manage our finite energy sources better and play our part in the global bid to tackle climate change.

Smart meters are not compulsory, but the information they give us will make us more aware of the energy we use, showing us where we can be more efficient, change our behaviour to reduce usage, and save money..

Moving to a new Smart grid

The Smart grid will have greater capacity to cope with our energy demands as smart technology changes the way we live, work and travel.

It will also provide secure, reliable energy to all, tackle power cuts faster and make the UK a greener, more energy efficient nation.

Find out more at smartgrid.gov

Our roll out is underway

We began our mass roll out to over 3 million homes in 2016. Our roll out is taking place region by region.

Your Smart meter won’t cost you anything upfront and we’ll tell you in advance when your Smart meter will be installed. If you’d like to follow the progress of our roll out, register your interest and we’ll keep you informed.

About your Smart meter installation

image of a city landscape, npower truck rolling out smart-meters to nation

Smart Meter Installation Code of Practice

When we come to install your Smart meters we’ll work to the Ofgem-approved Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice

This ensures a high standard of service throughout the installation process. We’ll explain the benefits and show you how to get the best from your Smart energy display.

  • New licence conditions for energy suppliers
  • Installer training and certification
  • Customer communications; before during and after installation
  • Appointment handling
  • Guidelines on how vulnerable customers should be considered