Why should I get a Smart meter?

In the next few years, every home in Britain will be offered a Smart meter at no extra cost. But why is a Smart meter worth having? Read on to discover 4 main reasons:

1. See where you can save money

One of the main benefits of a Smart meter is seeing how much energy you are using. Switch on the appliances below to see the costs stack up and find new ways to save money.

smart hub display £0.00

2. Get accurate bills

Another benefit of a Smart meter is they automate your meter readings, removing guesswork and estimated bills.*

  • Freedom from meter readings**
  • Bills based on exactly how much energy you've used**

*You’ll only receive an estimated bill or need to provide us with a manual read if there’s a problem collecting a reading and the only time we should need to visit is for a routine safety check. This is because the mandatory safety check every 3 years has now been stopped.

**Unless there’s a problem collecting a reading.

3. Help make Britain energy smart

Updating our energy system can help make Britain’s future brighter for everyone by:

  • Managing a finite energy source
  • Making our gas and electricity supply more reliable
  • Cutting carbon emissions and help tackle climate change
  • Helping make us all more energy efficient

4. Prepare for a smarter home

Over the next few years, our lives will get smarter in every way. Already, smart thermostats are learning how we live and helping us save money on our heating.

With a Smart meter, you'll be able to see all the benefits and the real savings of smarter living.