See your energy usage in detail

With a Smart meter you can get more accurate data in your online account, and see your actual daily, weekly and monthly usage. You can also get personalised energy saving advice, check patterns in your usage, and compare it with similar homes in your area.

Choose how to view your usage 

You can use filters to see your usage in pounds and pence or kWh, and to view your usage of gas, electricity or both combined. You can also switch between months to check your past usage.
An energy usage report on a mobile phone

Monthly breakdowns

Smart meter energy usage graphic

Total usage and spend 

See your total energy usage for each month including highest, lowest and average days. You can also see how the weather affects your usage.
A bar chart showing energy spend on an average week

Your average week 

Check patterns in your energy usage. A simple chart shows what you use, on average, each day of the week.
A chart showing a property's energy rating

Your usage rating 

Compare your usage with the previous month, and with similar homes that we supply with energy. Select the help icon to see how we calculate your rating.

Daily usage 

Check and compare your energy usage over the month with daily breakdown charts.

You can choose to see your daily usage in pounds and pence, or kWh. See at a glance the days when you used the most and least energy. If there are days when we don’t receive data from your Smart meter, then we estimate your usage - and this is highlighted on the chart.

Graphs showing energy usage

Monthly usage 

A graph shows your monthly usage and your total usage across the year. You can also see how your usage for the month compares with the previous month and with the same month last year.
A graph showing monthly energy usage

FAQs and troubleshooting

If there are days or months with no usage data, this may be due to the date you had your Smart meter installed, or there may be issues with your meter sending us data.

Smart troubleshooting

To get these Smart usage data features, update your Smart data settings to take daily or half-hourly readings, instead of monthly.

Your Smart energy usage shows your actual usage - unless there is missing data, in which case we estimate it. It isn't a bill and doesn't reflect your Direct Debit or the amount you're paying.

Direct Debit explained

It takes a bit of time for us to collect, prepare and analyse all of our Smart customers' data. We update the Usage section of your online account around the middle of every month, so please check then to see your previous month's usage.

In the meantime, your in-home Smart energy display gives you near real-time data for the month so far. Find out more about getting the most from your Smart meter, including budgeting and usage monitoring.

To get more from your data, join millions of other households and get a Smart meter. Find out more about Smart meters.