Gathering Smart information

Smart meters record and securely store the amount of energy you use in 30-minute periods. We then request your meter reading data from a central place known as the Smart DCC. This was set up by the Government and all Smart meters, regardless of which energy provider you use, send the information securely via the DCC.

We automatically receive daily data unless you opt out to monthly meter readings. We explain how you can choose to make this more regular below.

How secure are Smart meters? 

Data security has always been an important consideration of the Smart meter roll out programme.

The system has been designed by the Government and GCHQ to prevent hacking, and the meters have their own closed, dedicated communications system.

No personal information that could identify you, such as your name, address or bank account, is stored or transmitted.

You can read more about how all the information about your energy use is protected by law in the Energy UK Data guide for Smart meters.
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Your Smart data choices 

It’s your data and no third parties will be able to access your energy usage information without your consent.

You can choose what you want to do with your data, including:

  • How much data your energy supplier gets from your Smart meter, e.g. monthly, daily or half-hourly meter reads.
  • Whether your energy consumption details are shared with other organisations.
  • Whether your meter reads are used for sales and marketing purposes.

You can check your current data settings and you can change them at any time.

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Our Data Policy 

Smart meters will give us daily meter readings – unless you tell us that you want to change this to half-hourly or monthly.

Taking meter readings automatically means less effort and more accurate bills for you.

Read more about getting the most from your Smart meter. To help you find out more about your rights and choices see the 'use of smart energy data' section taken from our privacy policy for more detailed information, as well as this handy guide: Your Smart meter information.

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