Your Smart energy display (SED)

Smart energy display with buttonsSmart energy display with a touchscreen

Your Smart energy display (SED) can be easily moved around, isn't fixed to a wall, and displays your energy usage in pounds and pence. Your Smart meter is larger and is usually fixed to the wall.

We can help you if you have an npower Smart energy display which looks like one of the devices shown. Otherwise you may be able to find support for non-npower devices by calling your installing supplier.

For general help regarding SEDs, download the demonstration guide (PDF, 2187KB)from Smart Energy GB.

Consumer Access Devices

You can now also buy Smart energy displays from retailers that provide the same information but may look slightly different. These are known as a Consumer Access Device (CAD). In most cases the manufacturer will provide instructions on how to connect your CAD to your Smart meter. If you have purchased a CAD and have been unable to connect this, please contact us.

Some quick checks for your Smart meter and energy display

Our handy checks might help – but only if your Smart meter was installed more than 10 days ago as it takes a little while for the energy display to be updated with your details.

  1. Make sure your energy display is plugged into a permanent source of supply.

  2. Check the location of your energy display – it should ideally be within 5 meters of your Smart meter. If you have moved the energy display, try moving it back to place it was left by the installer.

  3. Restart your energy display by pressing and holding the power button.

  4. Did you know if you have several smart devices turned on at the same time, or you have a metal object in front of your meter, then this could interfere with the connection between your Smart meter and your Smart energy display?

  5. If your energy display is displaying the incorrect time, or a message that has been displayed for more than 48 hours, please contact us and we will investigate the issue for you.

  6. If your Smart meter has the letters ‘A’ and/or ‘F’ displayed on the left hand side of the meter screen, please contact us so we can arrange for a site engineer to visit.

FAQs and troubleshooting

It’s best to leave your SED plugged in – it only costs around 75p a year to run. It may take a few hours for the battery to recharge if it’s been unplugged for a while.

This could be because the SED has been moved.

Try moving it back to its original position or as close as you can to the electricity meter and then switch it off and back on again. If the message doesn’t change within 48 hours, please contact us and we can investigate the issue.

First of all take a look to see if the SED is in the same position as it was when it was installed.

If it is, try switching your SED off, then back on and see if this reconnects the SED back to the meter.

If it has been moved since installation, place it back in the original position or as close as possible to the electricity meter and see if this reconnects the SED back to the meter.

If you’ve already tried to turn your device off and on again and moved it closer to the meter and there’s no change, please contact us.
If you’ve already tried to turn your device off and on again and it still hasn’t updated, please contact us.
Your previous bills may have been based on estimates, so you may see a change in your usage since getting a Smart meter. Don’t worry though the readings we get from your Smart meter will ensure your usage is accurate. But do contact us if you think something is definitely wrong.
We will need to check the tariff that you are being billed to. Please contact us and we will investigate this for you. We may need to process a tariff change and send the correct details to your meter and energy display.