Getting the most from your Smart meter

Get to know the Smart display better plus learn how the new features of Smart metering can help reduce your usage and your bills.

Know your Smart energy display

Your Smart energy display is the key to understanding your Smart meter. It quickly and easily shows you how much energy you’re using and how much it’s costing.

The more you use your Smart energy display, the more it can help you save energy and money.
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Your Smart data choices

Unless you change your settings, smart meters share your daily energy use with us so you only pay for what you use. To make the most of your Smart meter, you can choose to give us half-hourly usage updates which will help us highlight easy ways to reduce your usage and save money.

Monthly - Smart
To ensure you get accurate bills, we need to collect a reading from your Smart meter at least once a month.

Daily - Smarter
Your Smart meter is pre-set to send us readings daily, great for comparing your energy use on weekdays with weekends.

Half-hourly - Super Smart
With half-hourly data, you’ll get access to online tools, reports and advice – and because you can see how your energy use fluctuates throughout the day, you could save energy and money.

This more detailed information helps you budget and plan ahead more effectively.

Choose half hourly data

Tips to help save energy and money

Your Smart meter means no more estimated bills* and better visibility of the energy you use and pay for.

Here are three easy steps to monitoring your energy use:

1. Try looking at your display when only essential electrical appliances like your fridge are running. This shows you your standard electricity use.

2. Now turn on other appliances to see how they affect your standard use. You’ll see what it costs to wash your clothes, boil the kettle or dry your hair.

3. You can then make more informed decisions about the electricity you use, like how often to use your dishwasher or tumble dryer.

Don’t forget

We can help show you how and where to save money by reducing wasted energy when you choose Super Smart and consent to half-hourly data.

More energy saving tips *You'll only receive an estimated bill if there's a problem collecting a reading.

Please take a few minutes to tell us about your Smart meter experience. We’d like to hear your thoughts on how you were contacted, how the installation went and anything else that would help improve things.

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We have commissioned an independent research agency, Facts International, to speak to our customers to ensure we are delivering a great customer experience – as well as to ensure that we’re fitting Smart meters in line with the Smart Meter Installation Code of Practice (PDF, 786KB). Facts will be calling many of our customers soon after their meters are installed. Your help is appreciated. View more information on the code.