The latest generation Smart meters are here

  • Our engineers always try to install the latest generation Smart meters, called SMETS2 meters
  • Even if you change supplier, SMETS2 Smart meters will work
  • Our Smart meters record and store your data securely

Getting your Smart meter 

It only takes a few minutes

  1. Log in to your online account or use your account number
  2. Answer a few eligibility questions
  3. Pick a time and date that suits you
Confirmation of a Smart meter appointment on a smartphone

About the installation 

When we come to install your Smart meters, we’ll work to the Ofgem-approved Smart Meter Installation Code of Practice.

You (or another adult) need to be there with the installers the whole time, even if your meter is outside.

It can take up to two hours to complete your installation. We'll need access to your electricity meter and your power will be turned off for about 30 minutes - even if we're only installing a gas Smart meter.

A Smart meter engineer arriving at an installation

What you'll get 

  • A new gas and electricity Smart meter
  • A Smart energy display (SED)
A Smart energy display

Get your Smart meter

Join millions of other households with a Smart meter and make it easier to see where you could save money. Find out more about Smart meters.