Carbon monoxide alarm

Carbon monoxide alarm

Protect you and your family against the dangers of CO poisoning for just £29.99.

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a highly poisonous gas with no taste, no colour and no smell. It is known as the silent killer and can be produced by faulty gas appliances such as gas boilers or gas fires. That is why it is important to ensure your appliances are working properly and that you have an audible Carbon Monoxide alarm installed.

£29.99 one off cost

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Carbon Monoxide can seep into properties via shared flues or chimneys and can even permeate through brick walls and plaster, so you could be poisoned in your own home by Carbon Monoxide produced next door.

​Simple to use, no installation required.

  • 6 year manufacturer’s guarantee
  • No maintenance
  • Continuous self-test function
  • No installation required & easy to use
  • Batteries supplied & pre-fitted in alarm
  • Automatic sensor adjustment function ensures complete accuracy
  • Approved to all relevant European standards
  • No sensors to replace
  • No mains power – no need for wiring
  • Weight: 140g approx
  • Compact dimensions: 110mm x 76mm x 34mm
  • Fully portable- use in a caravan, a boat or on holiday