Gas and electricity tariffs

Our 4 simple tariffs are designed to suit different needs and circumstances. So whether you want flexibility, short term commitment, peace of mind or control, we have a tariff for you.

    With Nest Thermostat™ Less than £1000/year on average*  
  Feel Good Fix Medium Fix Short Fix Variable
Tariff name
Online account management
Optional paper bills
Early exit fee £50 per fuel may apply before 10/02/17
End date 31/05/2017 31/03/2017 31/05/2016 N/A
Payment options Direct Debit
Receipt of bill
Direct Debit Direct Debit Direct Debit
Receipt of bill
Additional information If we reduce our Standard Variable Rates, we’ll reduce your prices by a proportional amount to the decrease in your region. You must take both gas and electricity as well as a Nest Learning Thermostat™ at no extra cost**
Rates and charges

Based on a standard single rate meter customer with a typical annual average electricity consumption of 3,200kWh and gas consumption of 13,500kWh paying by Direct Debit. Costs are averaged across mainland UK. Includes the annual value of Direct Debit discounts and VAT at the reduced rate of 5%. Actual annual cost will vary according to the number of fuels taken, the applicability of discounts and by region, consumption and meter type and charges could be higher than our Standard charges.

** To switch to our In Control March 2017 tariff you'll need to be the homeowner, have heating that runs on gas, oil or LPG and a compatible central heating system in full working order. You'll also need a Wi-Fi access code and a working Wi-Fi internet connection. If we cannot install the Nest system we will transfer you to the Standard variable tariff applicable to you and you won't be charged an early exit fee. Full details here.

Select the tariff you’re interested in to find out more and to see our terms and conditions. We need to let you know that, by switching to a new tariff before your current tariff ends, you’ll pay your new prices earlier and these may be higher.

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