Boiler engineer visits from npower

To stay warm and safe in your home you need one thing – a fully working, efficient boiler.

npower engineers are experts in their field but that doesn’t mean they can’t share their experience with you.

We want to reduce the need for future callouts and guarantee the best service so on a visit from one of our engineers you can expect a few things you won’t get elsewhere.

A real person

Our engineers introduce themselves by name so you know exactly who you’re welcoming into your home and will always display ID at your door.

They won’t keep you waiting either and will get on the phone on the morning of the day of your visit to let you know a rough arrival time.

A smile

Customer satisfaction is our priority. When our engineers arrive they’ll introduce themselves with a smile and their ID before entering your home.

They’ll even ask if you want them to wear overshoes to protect your lovely floors and will lay down dust sheets to keep every surface in your home as clean as when they found it.

A few tips

Our engineers don’t just fix the problem at hand. They do everything they can to stop problems in the future too.

If that means giving you a few tips on energy efficiency or general maintenance then that’s just what they’ll do. It’s that simple.

Total peace of mind

Once the work is complete you’ll get a full safety check and boiler sticker to let you know everything’s tip top, but that’s not all.

Our engineers will leave their Here to Help card which contains their phone number and that of their field manager so you know who to contact in the unlikely event you need to call them back.

We also leave all necessary paperwork but we keep it as minimal as possible to save the trees … and your filing cabinet.

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