Your prepayment statement

We’ll send you your prepayment statement twice a year for your records.

This is basically an account summary which will show:

  • The date of your last meter reading
  • Your balance from your last statement
  • Your payments up until the last reading
  • The cost of the electricity you have used during that time
  • Any debt that has been collected on your meter

Your actual balance may be different to that shown due to your real time energy usage - the only way to check your actual up-to-date balance is by looking at your meter display.

How often should I top up?

It really depends on how many people are in your house, time of year and how much you use your electricity and gas appliances.

Make sure you keep a close eye on your account and top up regularly even if you aren’t using any energy as your tariff includes a ‘daily standing charge’. This is a fixed cost for maintaining your meter and connecting your property to the network.

Repaying debt

If you are repaying a debt through your meter and you want to reduce or clear the balance, you can make an extra payment using the giro slip at the bottom of your statement. Details of how to pay are on the slip.

Example of a prepayment meter statement

Prepayment statement page 1 Prepayment statement page 2 Prepayment statement page 3 Prepayment statement page 4