Where to buy credit

You’ll find a list of your nearest outlets in the letter we sent you with your key or card. Or you can check online:

To top up your credit, take your key or card to an outlet.

  • The credit you buy will be added to your key or card
  • You can put up to £49 on your card at a time, in whole pounds
  • You can have up to £249 credit on your gas meter, and £255 credit on your electricity meter

Always buy credit for your meter using your own npower programmed payment key or card to make sure the money is credited to your account. If you use a key or card from a previous supplier, the money you pay may not be credited to your npower account. You could be charged the wrong rates and your payments may go to the wrong supplier. Only top up at an authorised outlet and never buy credit from anyone visiting your home.

Transferring credit to your meter

Gas meters

Simply insert your payment card into the slot in the meter. Press the Red Button A to transfer your credit to your meter.

If your meter display says 'OFF', you might need to open the safety valve to get your gas back on. The valve will close for safety reasons when your meter runs out of credit.

To open the safety valve:

  1. Make sure all your gas appliances are switched off
  2. Insert your card into your meter
  3. Press and hold the red button A
  4. You’ll hear a beep. The safety valve will open and the meter display will change to 'ON'. Your gas supply will now be back on and your credit will be on the meter.

Electricity meters

Insert your payment key into your meter. The screen will briefly show the amount of credit on your key. To make sure your credit is transferred onto your meter successfully, we recommend you leave your key in for at least 5 seconds.

Your guide to prepayment meters (PDF, 318KB)

Smart tip

Say goodbye to sending meter readings

If you get a Smart meter you won't have to read and send meter readings. Your Smart meter regularly reports back on your energy usage, so your bills will be more accurate (unless there's a problem collecting a reading).

Find out more about Smart meters

Send your meter reading now

Send us regular meter readings and we can give you more accurate bills.

Send your meter reading

Set up meter read reminders

We can send reminders by email or SMS when it’s time to read your meter, so you don’t have to worry. And you get more accurate bills for every reading you send.

Set up meter read reminders

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