Guide to moving home

Move home online

It's the quickest way to let us know

How you can tell us

Come online and tell us no more than 60 days after you’ve moved out. If you’ve not yet moved you can set up a reminder to come back on the day, or just after.

If you don’t want to tell us online, you can call using the numbers below. You can also use them if you moved more than 60 days ago.

Got a prepayment meter? Just ring us on the day you move.

What you need to tell us

Whether you’re telling us online or over the phone, we’ll need to know your:

  • Moving date
  • Old address
  • New address
  • Meter readings for your old home (taken the day you moved out)

And if you have a prepayment meter, we’ll also need your meter serial number and final meter balance.

Don’t forget – your ‘moving date’ is when you stop being legally responsible for the property. You may be able to find it on your contract or tenancy agreement if you’re not sure.

Your meter readings

It’s important to note down your final meter readings on the day you leave your old home - it’s so we can make sure your final bill is accurate. If you need some help, just check out our guide to reading your meter.

And if you want us to supply your new home, we can help find the right tariff for you as well.

Moving home in 5 easy steps

1. Tell us you’re moving

Either online or over the phone. Just have the above details to hand.

2. Choose a new tariff

Want to take us with you to your new home? No problem. Even if we don’t already supply the new property, you can choose a tariff online or over the phone.

3. Confirmation

Once you’re all done, we’ll send you confirmation of your new tariff details within 7-10 working days.

4. Send us your meter readings

Be sure to note down your meter readings from the day you move out. This will help make sure your final bill is accurate. We’ll ask for them later.

5. Final bill

You’ll usually get your final bill within 7-10 days. It could be longer depending on when you sent your readings.