Energy efficiency advice

There are many things that you can do to make sure that your home is energy efficient and you can get free advice from our dedicated Helpline.

We have a dedicated Energy Efficiency Helpline who are here to help you understand how to make your home more energy efficient, there by potentially reducing your energy use and your carbon footprint.

Our Energy Efficiency Helpline

  • Are qualified to give you free impartial, and personalised Energy Efficiency advice. This advice ranges from what to look for when buying a new appliance to providing a full home survey that will calculate the energy rating, running costs and carbon footprint for your home and make recommendations on how you can improve your energy efficiency
  • Can make you aware of energy efficiency measures and offers that could save you money. We can advise you if you are eligible for any free energy efficiency upgrades or grants to improve your home
  • Will help you if you are moving home or looking at buying a new house. We can help you in your journey giving you the information you need to work out how much your new running costs might be. We will suggest improvements you might want to make straight away to reduce the hassle of having to make changes when you are fully settled in and may help you start saving money as soon as possible. We’ll put this all in an easy to read pack for you to keep