Our price promise

If you could be paying less for your energy, we’ll tell you on your bill.

The details on your bill may be the cheapest at the time, but they’re always changing. Just get a quote for the best prices.

We’ll give you two options to help you decide if you’re on the best tariff.

Our cheapest similar tariff

This is the option closest to the tariff you’re on. It takes into account how you pay your bills and your meter type. This means if you switch, you only have to think about how you pay.

Our cheapest overall tariff

This is the cheapest available tariff we have. It may not be the one that lets you look after your energy best, but it’s the one you’ll save the most on. Switching may mean you have to change how you pay, and sometimes your meter type.

Prepayment meter

If you have a prepayment customer, switching to the cheapest tariff will probably mean changing meters. This can cost around £60, and will change how you pay for your energy.

Economy 7

If you switch from Economy 7 you won’t have to change your meter, but you may lose your night rate if your new tariff isn’t specifically designed for it. All we do is switch you to a single rate.