Paying for Boiler and Heating Care

Want to know more about paying for your Boiler and Heating care? Find all the information you need right here.


You’ll get an invoice at the start of your membership even if you’ve set up a payment plan. It’s just for your records – we need to set out your plan, price and VAT.

We’ll also send one if you cancel your plan outside of the 14 day ‘cooling off’ period and you’ve had a service or repair that wasn’t covered by your payments.

Cancelling your membership

Your 14 day ‘cooling off’ period

When you take out a new contract, we give you a 14 day ‘cooling off’ period where you can change your mind and cancel with no charge. We can also transfer you to a different care plan.

After 14 days

You may have to pay charges if you cancel after 14 days. These will be handled by Billing and Collections, and will be based on payments you’ve made and any work you’ve had done.


We’ll take your first payment 14 days after your membership starts, and all others on the same day each month - just let us know if you want to change your payment date.

If you miss a payment, we’ll get in touch by phone or letter and arrange for one to be made.

And if you have a cashback product, this will go directly into your bank within 42 days of renewing your contract as long as your payments are up to date and you’ve not had any repairs carried out.

Want to change your Direct Debit details? Just contact us