Backbilling of our home customers

As part of our commitment to quality service, we welcome the introduction of a new licence condition relating to the backbilling of energy, for our home customers.
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Normal credit meter backbilling

If you have a normal credit meter, when we issue a bill, we can only look to recover charges for the electricity or gas (or both) used in the last 12 months, unless any of these situations apply:

  • The bill was sent before 1 May 2018, in which case we will always ensure you are not asked to pay any more for charges over 12 months (in line with previous backbill commitments under Energy UK’s Code of Practice for Accurate Bills)
  • We’ve already issued an accurate bill and are in contact with you about payment of previously billed charges, or
  • You behave in an obstructive or unreasonable way (for example you do not allow us access to your meters to read them without good reason or you are behaving unlawfully by stealing electricity or gas or, where you own your meter you fail to keep it in proper working order), or
  • Any other circumstances specified by Ofgem

Prepayment meter backbilling

If you have a prepayment meter and we don’t load a debt or price increase in a timely manner, then we will write off the increased charges that we would have recovered for any period greater than 12 months. That is unless any of the following situations apply:

  • Your charges or updates occurred before 1 May 2018, in which case we will always ensure you are protected by previous backbilling commitments with Energy UK
  • We’ve already sent the updates to your meter within 12 months but you’ve been using an incorrect prepayment device or not topping up regularly
  • You've denied us access to your meter whilst we were trying to solve issues with it (or your device)
  • You've been living in an npower supplied property and haven't told us you moved in or tried to provide us with the name of the bill payer
  • This is our continued commitment to protecting our customers in relation to backbilling.

Energy UK Code of Practice for Accurate Bills 

Find out what you can expect from us about your bills and statements and also what you can do to make sure that you receive the right bill at the right time.

Energy UK code of practice for accurate bills

Energy UK code of practice for accurate bills scenarios

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