Help someone you know

Do you know someone with a long-term illness who may need help repairing a broken boiler or heating system, installing a new one because they don’t have one or fitting insulation that they can’t pay for in full themselves? We receive referrals for people who meet the scheme’s criteria from community professionals such as health and social care workers, welfare agencies and charitable organisations.

If you know someone you think we could help, please tell us by completing the referral form

Who qualifies for help?

People with long-term illness who own and occupy their home in England or Wales, but also have a low income and little or no savings (assessed) and can’t fully fund the work themselves. We’ll check to make sure the person is eligible, so they’ll have to fill in a couple of forms about their situation, including income and expenditure. If you have questions about the criteria, you can call us on 0800 022 220

Heating and insulation measures

We can help with things like:

  • Cavity wall and loft insulation
  • Boiler repairs and replacement*
  • Heating systems or appliances*
  • Energy efficiency advice
  • Access to funding

*if broken or no heating installed

We choose contractors carefully, and we stay in touch with our clients from start to finish – making sure they’re happy with the results.


Funding may be available to help pay for heating and insulation work from a range of sources. In addition to the npower Health Through Warmth Crisis Fund, these include grant schemes and charitable organisations. Assistance is discretionary and it’s based on individual circumstances, the schemes decision is final.

This year, in addition to our standard Crisis Fund, HTW has a special Rapid Care fund that enables us to fully fund measures for some of the most vulnerable people who are at greater at risk from cold conditions, and who need rapid assistance due to the severity of their illness.