I have sent in all my pre-registration Feed in Tariff (FIT) documents, what happens next?

You will hear from us when we are able to register your installation on Ofgem’s system to confirm that we have registered your application. At this stage we will tell you the date on which you will be eligible for FIT payments from and at what FIT rate. Please keep a record of generation meter reading and export meter readings (where you have an export meter) on the first day of each month until we have been in contact with you.

Once we have processed your application, we will send you your Terms and Conditions and a FIT Plan which will detail your tariff information and your eligibility and end dates. Once you have received these, carefully read the FIT Plan and the Terms and Conditions before sending a signed copy of the Terms and Conditions back.

Please note, that you are required to send back the full Terms and Conditions, not just the signed back page. We are not permitted to make FIT payments to you until we have received the signed Terms and Conditions.