Why has my monthly Direct Debit gone up when I'm on a fixed price tariff?

A fixed price tariff lets you buy your energy at the same price per unit. But if you use more of those energy units, or we think you'll use more over the coming months, the amount you pay goes up. It's so you don't build up debt on your account.

Your Direct Debit may also go up when your fixed tariff ends, as your prices are likely to change. If you haven't changed tariffs before then we'll automatically move you onto our cheapest Standard variable tariff applicable to you, or another applicable tariff - so your monthly payment may change.

You can make sure you're paying the right amount when you change your tariff or send us a meter reading in your online account. Other than that, we'll typically review your payments twice a year.

Don't worry - we'll get in touch with you before your fixed price tariff ends to explain your options. Or you can check out our range of tariffs online.