What do I need to include with my Feed in Tariff application form?

To fully pre-register you on our system, we require:

  • A fully completed application form (with section 11 signed and dated).
  • That you have 'opted in' to receive export payments.
  • A MCS certificate or ROO-FIT certificate (if over 50kW).
  • A fully paid invoice on installer headed paper with company logo and VAT registration.
  • A copy of your EPC Certificate. To ensure that you receive the higher tariff rate, the EPC must achieve a Level D or above. For installations with commissioning dates after 10th May 2016, the certificate date needs to be before the commissioning date of your system to ensure that you receive the higher tariff rate (if you believe that you do not require an EPC certificate, you must send us evidence that this requirement does not apply to you - For PV installations only).
  • A signed set of Multi Installations declarations as set out in the application form. * A valid generation meter reading and export meter reading (where applicable) Please take a reading from your meter on the 1st of each month from sending in your application form to us, until we contact you. *Proof of photographic ID * Proof of address and if you're a Non Domestic Customer details of VAT and Company details.