What do I need to do if I have a new tenant moving into a property?

When a new tenant moves into a property, it's best for them to tell us they're moving themselves by visiting our moving home section. Then we can arrange the best tariff deal and payment plan to suit them.

If you need to give us the details yourself, the quickest way is to tell us online.

Tell us a tenant is moving online

We'll need:

  • The new tenant's name and contact details, only if you’ve let them know you'll be providing this information on their behalf and they haven’t objected
  • The date they started being responsible for the energy
  • Their opening meter readings from this date
  • The forwarding address and contact details for the previous tenant (if applicable)

If there's a prepayment meter at the property, we'll need to know:

  • The credit or debit amount on the meter
  • The 'meter serial number' - it's on the front of the meter next to the barcode and looks something like this: X00L12345

Landlords and owners are responsible for bills during any gaps in tenancy.

You can also get in touch online or by phone if you have further questions.