What’s a key meter?

Key meters work in similar ways to smart card meters - you top up a plastic key and when you put the key into your meter, the credit is transferred to the meter.

All electricity suppliers are replacing smart card meters (Smartpower) with key meters. As of the 31st August 2012, you will not be able to top up your card at your local shop. If you don't allow your electricity supplier to change your meter, you'll lose your electricity supply when your credit runs out as you'll no longer be able to top up your card.

You will not be charged for having your meter exchanged - it's completely free. We will also ensure you have a new key when your new meter is installed.

Please act NOW and call us for free on 0800 073 3000 from a landline or 0330 100 3000 from a mobile to arrange for your meter to be exchanged.