My fixed term tariff is coming to an end, what should I do?

We'll send you a letter about 6-7 weeks before your tariff ends to let you know what will happen next and to remind you to review your options.  We'll also tell you the cheapest alternative npower tariff, based on your energy use over the previous 12 months.

If you haven't changed tariffs before your tariff ends we'll automatically move you onto our cheapest Standard variable tariff  applicable to you, or another applicable tariff.  This may not be the best tariff for you so we would encourage you to look at your options. We'll also review your Direct Debit when your tariff ends, as your prices are likely to change - so your monthly payment may change.

If you'd prefer to change to another tariff simply view our latest electricity & gas tariffs. If you'd prefer to phone us, look out for the number in the letter we'll send you before your tariff ends.  

By switching to a new tariff before your current tariff ends, you'll pay your new prices from the date you transfer and these may be lower or higher, depending on the tariff you choose.

Some tariffs will have eligibility criteria and could mean a significant change to your terms and conditions. For example you may need to change your payment method or manage your account online.

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