What are meter read reminders?

Existing Online Customers

If you have an online tariff or have switched to online billing you will automatically get meter read reminders when it's time to send a meter reading. This will help make sure your bill is more accurate and based on your actual energy usage.

Meter read reminders are one of the conditions of being on an online tariff.

If you're not on an online tariff, you can turn reminders on or off by logging into your online account and changing your preferences in your profile.

New Online Customers

Sign up for an online account and enter your account details to activate Meter Read Reminders or Online Billing. Then we will send you reminders before we send your bill, and further reminders if you forget to send us readings on time. This is all to help make sure you get an accurate bill.

Email or SMS?

You can get meter read reminders by SMS or email - it's up to you.  Simply log into to your online account and go to your profile to change your preferences.

It's worth remembering that, even if you send us meter readings, we'll still need to take our own readings and check your meter is safe from time to time. The ones you send us will be in addition to our own readings, and will be used to provide the most up-to-date view on your statement.*

*We'll use the readings you send us to make your next bill whenever possible. Sometimes we may not be able to use them, so we'll estimate your usage. But even then we still need your readings for your usage history so we can give you more accurate readings in the future.