What is an Economy 7 meter?

Unlike a standard tariff meter, an Economy 7 meter usually has two rows of figures, one for the peak period (shown on the meter as "NORMAL") and one for the off-peak period (shown on the meter as "LOW").

Economy7 Meter and Teleswitcher

If your Economy 7 meter has been installed quite recently, it will probably have an electronic display screen. These meters will only have a single set of numbers that display the Daytime reading - you will need to press a red button to display the Night reading.

Most meters using the Economy 7 tariff are switched automatically from NORMAL to LOW and back again by a radio teleswitch. In older installations, instead of a teleswitch, you'll find a mechanical timeswitch mounted beside your Economy 7 meter. You must not tamper with either the meter or its controlling timeswitch.