How can I make the most of Economy 7?

Take a look at our top tips which could help you to get the most out of Economy 7.

  • Heat water economically overnight by using an immersion heater with a timeswitch controller.
  • Economy 7 works well with storage heaters that are set to come on during the cheaper night rate period. This will help to keep heating costs down
  • You will get the most benefit if your home is well insulated
  • Use plug-in or in-built timers with electrical appliances such as washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers so that they come on during the 7 hour night rate period, when electricity is cheaper

If you heat your home and water with gas, Economy 7 could still suit your lifestyle, provided you use the bulk of your electricity at night. For example, if you work shift patterns and are up during the night or if you tend to use very little electricity during the day.