What are the Economy 7 peak and off-peak periods?

Economy 7 - cheaper electricity at night

The Economy 7 cheaper rate period typically falls 7 hours between 10pm and 8.30am, but that period can vary across the country. Most variations depend on the type of meter you have, and what time of year it is (British Summer Time etc).

The easiest way to find out your exact Economy 7 hours is to look at your meter. Meters can vary, so on some meters it will tell you the hours next to the meter or on it.

For other meters you will need to take a note of your supply number which you can find on your meter or a recent bill and you can check your region on the map below.


You can now see how much electricity you're using easily by logging into your online account and clicking on Energy Tracker. Energy Tracker will show the split between night and day usage.

We advise that currently an Economy 7 customer on our standard tariff with medium consumption of 4,300 kWh per annum (as defined by Ofgem in its Typical Domestic Consumption Values) would have to use a minimum of between 27% to 36% (depending on the area of the country in which they live) of their electricity at off peak times to make it more cost effective than being a standard single rate customer. These figures will necessarily vary according to the customer’s actual consumption, payment method and tariff.

If you'd like to find out more about Economy 7, see if it's right for you or to work out your night usage, take a look at our information page.