What is Go Green Energy Fix December 2019?

Our Go Green Energy Fix December 2019 tariff is no longer available.

If you're already on Go Green Energy Fix December 2019, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of the tariff for the rest of your fixed period. Otherwise, you can find out about our other exciting tariffs on offer.

Here's some more information about Go Green Energy Fix December 2019:

Prices won't go up until 31/12/19 subject to governmental or regulatory requirements. Your prices may increase if you change your meter type or the way you pay, or you no longer meet the eligibility criteria for this tariff. If there's a change in the rate of VAT chargeable for the energy we supply, this could also increase the charges you pay

Payment is by Direct Debit or Receipt of Bill.

A standing charge applies. After 31 December 2019 you'll automatically move to our cheapest Standard variable tariff applicable to you, or another applicable tariff - we’ll let you know at the time.

There's no early exit fee if you change your tariff or supplier.

Are there environmental benefits?

We’ll match all of the electricity and 15% of the gas you use, depending on which fuels you get from us. We do this by purchasing the same amount of energy produced from renewable sources, and feeding this back in to the network.

Plus, when you start using gas or electricity on this tariff, we’ll work with Trees for Cities to plant a tree in the UK to help bring environmental benefits to local communities. So if you buy both your gas and electricity on this tariff two trees will be planted.


When green tariffs offer additional benefits to the environment – like lower carbon emissions or donations to an environmental charity we call this ‘additionality’.

Through our work with Trees for Cities this tariff offers additional benefits to the environment. And, we’ll be putting renewable energy back into the grid for the energy you use, which makes it greener than our other tariffs.

How we source our fuels

View Go Green Energy Fix December 2019 terms and conditions (PDF, 36KB)