How safe is a Smart meter installation?

We take all precautions to make sure that our Smart meters are installed to the highest safety standards.  

Our expert Smart meter installer will need to gain access to your property  to do a safety check on all of the gas appliances in your home, which they'll also need to turn off.  

If we find a dangerous situation in your home, our installer will inform you and take the necessary steps to make it safe.

The installer has a device that they'll plug into one of your electric sockets which'll indicate whether you have any wiring issues in your home. If there are any issues our installer will explain to you what the problem is and how it can be fixed.

Once the installer starts to replace your gas meter they will perform some checks which will tell them whether you have any issues with your gas supply.  It will highlight if there are any gas leaks within the property.  Your mains electric power will also need to be turned off for a short while to replace your electricity meter and the installer will let you know before this happens.

We'll do our very best to resolve any issues we find but if we can't  the installer will explain what you need to do.  

You may be able to smell  gas in your home while the gas meter is being replaced. This is completely normal and can last up to a couple of hours after the installation.