Will my Smart meter still work when I switch?

If you've got a Smart meter, some of the features may stop working when you switch to us from another supplier.  If that happens it'll still work as a normal meter and you'll be able to see how much you're using in kWh on your Smart Energy Display. But you'll need to send us regular meter readings to help make your bills more accurate and we'll need to visit your property to take readings too.

Because we won't be able to update your tariff information on your Smart Energy Display we won't be able to show you an accurate view of your energy usage in pounds and pence.

You don't need to do anything

The Smart Data Communications company are working on a project to be able to support your type of metering equipment, until then certain types of Smart meters may only fully work with the supplier who originally installed them.

All Smart meters should eventually be updated remotely, so that they'll work with any supplier - we just don't know when this will be yet. Some older models may need replacing altogether, but you don't have to do anything just now and it won't cost you anything.

Once you've joined us we can give you more information about your Smart meter and features.

If you have a Smart meter and want to stay or move to prepayment we'll need to change your meter to a standard prepayment meter. You can only top up a prepayment meter in a shop using a key or card, and your Smart Energy Display will no longer work. This'll only be until we launch our Smart pay as you go meters.