How much energy have I used since my last bill?

If you pay for your energy after each bill, or by quarterly Direct Debit, you can find out how much you've used since your last bill by sending us a meter reading online.

If you've activated your online account, once you've sent a reading, we'll show the cost of your usage since you last paid a bill using our dial.

For the dial to work you need:

  • your last bill to be based on an actual reading, not an estimate
  • to have had at least one energy bill from us
  • to send meter readings in line with our predictions

My last bill was an estimate

Don't worry - once you've sent a meter reading we'll update your bill. Then you can log into your online account and see your cost of energy for the reading you sent.

I haven't had a bill yet

If you've activated your online account, once we've sent out your first bill you'll be able to log in and send us your meter readings. When you do this, your cost of energy will be updated. And you'll find a clear view of your balance, energy usage and any payments or refunds in your simple bill summary.

My readings don't match your predictions

Sometimes your readings may not match our predictions (which are based on what you've used before). If this happens, we won't be able to show your cost of energy until we've double checked them - it's so we give you the right information.

Do I have to pay for this now?

Our cost of energy dial is just to help you keep track of what you've used between bills - you don't have to pay for this usage right away, but you can if you want to.

Once we've shown you the cost of your usage you can either pay that amount now, or wait and pay for everything you've used when you get your next bill - it's completely up to you.