How can I check how much debt is on my prepayment meter?

Need to check your balance?

If you're repaying a debt through your meter and want to check the current balance, here's how:

Electric Key Meters

  • Step 1 - Insert your key and press the blue button, which will take you to screen 'S' or '8'. These will show you the amount you owe.
  • Step 2 - Go to 'T' or '9' to see the amount that's been set as a weekly payment to repay your debt.

Gas Meters

Insert your card and go to screen 25 and 26 to see the minimum and maximum debt you'll repay in a week. Screen 27 shows you the amount to be repaid.

If you'd like to pay off the debt on your account, or you're finding it hard to make payments, we can help you. Please contact us