How do I take a meter reading from my prepayment meter?

You may not need to give us a meter reading - we receive one automatically when your key/card is charged and inserted into the meter. But if you're moving home and want to take a meter reading to close your account, these details will help.

Key meter - Electric

On the front of your meter you'll see a blue button. Pressing this button scrolls through the displays, each of which can be identified by a letter or a number. The displays start from A and run through to the letter T or from the number 1 through to number 9.

After a few seconds the display automatically resets to display A or 1, so you may need to scroll through a couple of times to get all the information you need.

Scroll to H or 5 if you want to take a meter reading. (Economy 7 customers also need to scroll to J to get the night meter reading.)

Please contact us or login to your online account to give us your own meter reading.

Quantum meter - Gas

If you have a white Quantum meter, the meter reading can be seen by pressing the Red Display button on the front of the meter.

Most Quantum meters have a window above the LCD display that shows the meter reading. Some meters have 2 LCD displays - the left one shows the meter reading.

Please contact us or login to your online account to give us your own meter reading.