We help 205 properties in Hull become more energy efficient as part of the award winning Boulevard Improvement Scheme

Before regeneration

205 properties in the Boulevard Area of Hull have been fitted with external wall insulation as part of an award winning regeneration project to enhance the energy efficiency and appearance of houses in the area.

Working in partnership with Hull City Council, we provided funding to help reduce the amount of energy used by the houses in the area. The success of the Boulevard Improvement Scheme resulted in the Council being ‘Highly Commended’ within the ‘Partnership Working’ category at the Placemaking Awards 2014. This is an awards event which recognises and publicises projects, plans, people and organisations that are making places better.

This ambitious project breathed new life into the Boulevard Area, which had been in severe decline, with much of the area earmarked for demolition. As funding was being withdrawn, Hull City Council worked in partnership to ensure a successful outcome for the area. Funding from npower through the Community Energy Saving Project (which was the forerunner to the current ECO scheme), the Government programme ‘Clusters of Empty Homes’ and Hull City Council Capital was used to deliver a programme of regeneration to the properties, providing external wall insulation and front boundary improvements. This included tackling a large number of empty homes.

After regeneration

The community engaged in the scheme wholeheartedly with a 100% sign-up and these improvements resulted in great interest in the neighbourhood, leading to further investment from owners into their properties. Residents now live in more energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing homes. The Council’s properties in the area have attracted a large amount of interest and have been let easily. The scheme’s momentum continues and promises to deliver long-term sustainability of the area. The programme will also help to incentivise the private sector to invest in the area.

The successful partnership has resulted in rapid improvement of the area to the satisfaction of residents and owners. The Boulevard Scheme continues to benefit from ECO funding into 2014.

David Titterton, Green Deal & Obligations Director at npower, said; "The UK has many areas in need of regeneration and this complex energy efficiency project is a great example of collaboration between a number of partners, utilising our areas of expertise and working together to deliver the improvements. Transforming the Boulevard in this way shows that regeneration can be successfully delivered with energy efficiency at its heart. I'm delighted that we are receiving recognition for the work which goes into the planning and execution for successful delivery of such projects."

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