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"I don't know what I would have done without the ECO scheme, I feel blessed to be part of it"

Mr John Hunt, Norfolk

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Since 2013, the ECO scheme (Energy Companies’ Obligation) has been live. The scheme was set up for the largest energy suppliers to help make British households more energy efficient and support those in society most in need.

To meet this obligation, since its launch, npower has been offering to customers who qualify and have a need for it, free or subsidised boilers, free cavity wall insulation and free loft insulation.

Through this scheme, customers across Great Britain have been benefiting from having more energy efficient homes and in some circumstances, lower energy bills.


Free / subsidised boilers

If you meet the right criteria, you could qualify for a free or subsidised boiler

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Free Insulation

Yes, if you meet the right criteria, you can qualify for free insulation.

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Whether you’re searching for a boiler grant, a boiler scheme or free insulation, we aim with our eligibility checker to let you know if you could qualify.