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Greater certainty from fixed rates.

  • Know where you stand: Price fix until May 2022.
  • Choose how you pay: Pay by monthly direct debit or receipt of bill.
  • No early exit fee: There’s no exit fee if you decide to switch tariff or supplier.
  • Direct Debit discount: If you pay by Direct Debit, you’ll receive a discount. See how.
  • Easy online account management: Use your online account to see your bills and make payments, send meter readings, track and compare your energy usage with other households like yours and more. 

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We’ve summarised some of the important things you need to know about Fix 1 Year Plus v6 May 2022 below, but please be sure to download and read through our terms and conditions:

Download Fix 1 Year Plus v6 May 2022 terms and conditions (PDF, 73 KB)

Download Standard terms and conditions (PDF, 95KB) 

About our Fix 1 Year Plus v6 May 2022 tariff

  • Prices are fixed until 31 May 2022, subject to governmental or regulatory requirements.
  • No early exit fee.
  • You’ll already have or, if eligible, agree to have Smart meter(s) installed at your property.
  • This tariff is available to customers with standard credit or Economy 7 credit meters. A restricted credit meter version of the tariff is also available.
  • This tariff is available to new or existing customers who pay by fixed monthly or variable quarterly Direct Debit, or Receipt of bill. Unfortunately it’s not available to customers with prepayment meters.

Please note that if you start using more gas or electricity, then the amount you pay us will increase even though the price per unit remains the same.

Your prices may increase if you change your meter type or the way you pay, or you no longer meet our eligibility criteria for this tariff.

If there’s a change in the rate of VAT chargeable for the energy we supply, this could also increase the charges you pay.

£1,102 average annual cost, including Direct Debit discounts and VAT at the reduced rate of 5%, and based on: 

  • a customer with standard single rate meters
  • typical annual average consumption of 2,900kWh electricity and 12,000kWh gas
  • payment by Direct Debit
  • costs averaged across mainland UK

Your actual annual cost will vary depending on:

  • whether you get both your electricity and gas from us, or just a single fuel
  • whether discounts apply
  • your region
  • your consumption
  • your meter type
  • your payment type

Annual charges may be higher than our standard charges.

Correct as at 12.02.21.

After 31 May 2022, you’ll automatically move to our cheapest Standard variable tariff applicable to you or another applicable tariff. We’ll let you know at the time.

Smart meter installation

With this tariff you agree to the installation of a Smart meter, where eligible. You're still eligible for this tariff if you currently have a Smart meter installed or your property is currently ineligible for a Smart meter.

Standing charges

We split the amount you pay us into two parts - the amount you pay for the energy you actually use, and also a standing charge for the cost of delivering and supplying energy to your home. You’ll pay a standing charge no matter how much you use. Standing charges vary depending on your tariff, and are different for gas compared to what they are for electricity.

Direct Debit discounts

We'll reduce your daily standing charge and unit rates for paying by Direct Debit. How much of a discount you get will depend on how much energy you use.

If you stop paying by Direct Debit, you'll move on to a Receipt of Bill version of your tariff, with no discount. But we’ll let you know if this happens. Subject to change.

Manage your account more easily

Use your online account to see your bills and make payments, send meter readings, track and compare your energy usage with other households like yours and more. 

Changing your tariff or supplier: There’s no exit fee if you decide to switch tariff or supplier.

Offer subject to availability and may be withdrawn, suspended or amended at any time.

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