Before installation day 

Please check your address, email and phone number on your appointment confirmation letter or email. We’ll use these details to contact you about installing your Smart meter.

When you get your installation appointment, make sure the date and time work for you. You (or another adult with access to the meter) need to be there with the installers the whole time, even if your meter is outside.

It can take up to two hours to complete your installation. We'll need access to your electricity meter and your power will be turned off for about 30 minutes - even if we're only installing a gas Smart meter. If you can’t make it, you’ll be able to change your appointment online.

Finally, make sure there’s nothing in the way so our installers can get to your meters and work safely, and have your security alarm code handy as your alarm may go off during the installation.

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On installation day 

If we have your mobile number, our installers will call when they are on the way and show you photo ID when they arrive.

The installers will need to turn off your gas and electricity supplies for about 30 minutes each. They’ll also need you to switch off and unplug any sensitive electrical equipment, like computers, satellite systems or things your business may be reliant upon – so please bear this in mind when you agree your appointment.

Once your new Smart meters are installed, they’ll show you how your Smart meters and Smart energy display work, and how they can help you see where you could be saving energy and money.

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After installation 

Your installer will leave you with an Installation Pack, including a user guide for your Smart energy display and lots of great hints and tips on saving energy and money with Smart.

Get set for your Smart meter (PDF, 1446KB)

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